WordPress website

WordPress is the most popular & simplest way to create a website or blog. Therefore, it powers both the front end as well backend of the website. Similarly, with the advancement of various WordPress plugins, you can easily create any type of website.

What are WordPress websites?

If you search on google for ” How to design a WordPress Website?” then you get to know about the most important feature of a website it is user-friendly & anyone can use this without any difficulty. Since 2000 GTB Infotech is creating useful, stunning, modern websites.
In simple words, we all know that we don’t need a website that works, we need a website that can create an unforgettable impression on our customer’s mind, keep user interest, and continues to draw them back.
For example, WordPress is not only used for making business websites and blogs it also helps to create an e-commerce store website as well. Therefore, with this, you will be able to make the:-

Business Websites

In the present era, it become very important for every business to make a presence on the internet through a website. Similarly, If you need a website for your customer so, that they can learn about your company and what your company is offering. Therefore, this is the best option.

WordPress Blog

Blogs contain the most recent published content first. Similarly, blogs are devoted to sharing photos, reviews, thoughts, tutorials, and so much more things.

E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce website allows the user to buy and sell their products & services online. Similarly, collect the payment from the customers through the online payment system.

Membership Sites

Those companies that collect automated payments & don’t need to think much about marketing and sales. Similarly, the main focus of these websites is to make their current customers happy.

Portfolio Website

This allows you to make a portfolio of your business to show off your design skills, artwork, and much more by portfolio website.

E-Learning Website

The user can easily make an e-learning website. Similarly, the user can easily take online courses, download content, track their progress, and much more from E-learning websites. By using a special WordPress LMS plugin, you can easily offer online courses to students.

WordPress Plugins

What are Plugins in WordPress? “Plugin is a kind of add-on which helps to increase the working”
We can say that plugins are a very important part of this process as they are essential to building a great website using WordPress. Similarly, there are many companies as well as single developers who are selling these plugins.

Why use WordPress


As WordPress is a lean website framework that eliminates the code “bloat” that causes to slow down the website speed.


This provides an exceptional code base for SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation). SEO allows the site to be visible on standard search engines just as – google, bing, edge, etc.


The main and most useful feature of WordPress is that its themes are Mobile-Friendly. Similarly, these themes are responsive out of the box.

Easy-to-use user interface

As it doesn’t include any complicated settings so, this is very easy to use for users.

Custom Menus

This allows you to make custom menus and navigation bars for your pages very easily.

Built-in Blog

Adding a blog in WordPress is very easy as posting a post.

What is a theme in WordPress?

Theme refers to the design of the website. In other words, WordPress themes mean the “framework” of the website. Similarly, most themes provide the:

  • The overall look of the website
  • Color Scheme
  • Font style according to the website
  • Blog Post styles
  • Page layout
  • Locations of Widget
  • Additional stylistic updates

Some of the WordPress Website made by GTB Infotech is mentioned here:
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