Graphic Designing Services

What is a Graphic Designing

That Design that impacts customers’ minds and attracts them, is what we are providing for the last 21+ years. Every company spends its precious time creating efficient content, We help you to reach your target audience in a visually appealing way. With years of experience, we can work best with start-up companies as well as with well-established enterprises to achieve their desired goals. We have a team of experts that have creative mind & helps your business to grow your business visually. Similarly, we are providing static collateral like – flyers, brochures, and web banners for digital and social engagements, logos, visiting cards, etc. We can make them all.
Creative and impressive designs can make a strong impact on your products in your customer’s minds.

Graphic Designing Services list

Graphic Designing Services List

Brochure Designs

Brochure designing

We are providing effective graphic designing for designing brochures that play a very vital role to seek the attention of your customers and at the same time making them concerned. 

Banner Designs

Banner Designing

Every business needs a banner that instantly grabs the interest of customers. Let our expert designers design an expressive banner design that makes customers click.

Flyer Designs

Every business needs a flyer that will be read by their customers not only crumbling like a piece of paper. For the same, GTB Infotech will help you to achieve the attraction of customers through high-quality graphic designing services in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Packaging Design Services

Designing attractive packaging for your product automatically increase sale. 

3D Product Packaging Design

3D Packaging Design

3D Designs are the next step to reach customers who have different expectations from the product manufacturers. Therefore, knowing what your customer is searching for is where we begin and produce attractive 3D designs to catch your customer’s attraction.

Label Design

If you require a catchy label design who are appealing accurately about your products and services then GTB Infotech is the best choice for you.

Book Layout Design Services

Book cover layout

As a top design-making company in Jalandhar, we are providing the best book layout design to our customers through the best illustrations according to the latest trends in the market.

Logo Designs

Logo Designing

Logos are the main thing for every business. An attractive logo identifies the work of the business. Similarly, GTB Infotech is providing the best high-quality logo designs.


We are providing the best hoarding designs to our customers in a very short period.

Infographic Design

Infographic Designing

Spreading the facts in the form of flowing paragraphs can catch the interest and attraction of the customer. 

Business Cards

Business cards designing

The term business cards are that which represent your work quality & services on a small card. Similarly, you can trust our services we will try to enhance your social value with our creative designs.

Menu Design

A good restaurant’s menu design can enhance is help to improve the dining experience. Similarly, helps the customer to make an easy choice. We are here to make interesting as well as useful menu designs for your business.

Letter Head Designs

By its name, it identifies the heading on the topmost of the sheet. Similarly contains the name of the company, address, contact details & logo

Advertising Designs

Adds Designing

As the present era is the digital era, so the promotion process is also done on social media platforms. For the same, they require posts or banners that impressively describe their services or products. So, we are experts in making Advertising Designs for the last many years. 

Graphic Designing Services Poster

A Poster in Graphic Designing is a term that captures the moving audience with an informative massage. Similarly, while designing a Poster always keep in mind the designing aspect. Because a designer has to convey the complete massage to its customer by focusing on what consumes less time.
Well-designed posters & banners draw a huge crowd.

Key features of Poster designing

Features of Poster Designing
  • Title – The title indicates the contents of the poster. Similarly, always remember title shouldn’t exceed two lines of text.
  • Text – The main motive of the text on the poster is that describes the main objective of the poster. Similarly, the text on the Poster must be 800 words of text. 
  • White Space – For defining the border of your Presentation the white space is very important. 
  • Graphics – This is very important that the graphics must appear in the main text in context. Similarly, whenever choose graphics always choose high-resolution graphics to make your posters attractive.
  • Flow – Flow normally relates to the flow of your reader’s eye. Similarly, the flow means that your text is written in a manner that is comfortably read by your customer in a smooth flow. The most important and major aspect of any Poster.
  • Layout – There are so many layouts for designing a poster. Similarly, there are lots of free templates also available online. 
  • Color – Color is a very major aspect of a poster. Choosing the right color design for the poster that attracts your customers is a major fact of any high-quality poster.

Benefits of Graphic Designing for your business

Benefits of Graphic Designing
  • Visual Communication
  • Consistent & Identifiable branding
  • Boost Sales
  • Maintain Competitive position

Graphic Designing Services FAQs


What does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer is a person who converts their customer’s ideas into a graphic form. Similarly, that will be in different manners like – business cards, logos, banners, posts, posters, magazines, etc. 

Why is Graphic Designing is important for any business?

Building a professional brand is the key point of any business. So, Graphic Designing helps every business the same which optimizes the marketing efforts of the company across all the channels.

What is the main purpose of Graphic Designing?

The main purpose of Graphic Designing is to communicate with customers in a graphical manner.