Ads manager Facebook

Facebook Ads Manager

Ads manager Facebook is a starting point for your running Facebook ads, retargeting audience networks, Instagram & Messenger. Similarly, Ads manager is a complete tool for making ads as well as tracking the position of your campaigns and how they are working & performing for the marketing goals.
Facebook Ads manager app for Android users & IOS users, which one has to keep in mind while creating an ad campaign. Similarly, you can create the ad, track the performance, Schedule & manage your budget wherever you are.
Facebook ads manager is a kind of tool that can help to create and manage your ads. Similarly, You can edit, view & see your meta campaigns. With the help of Facebook Ads Manager, you can do the following things:-

  • See how your Ads are performing
  • Creation of Adds Campaign
  • Manage multiple ads at one time

Facebook ads library

Facebook Ads library is a legal horse trozen for evaluating the marketing strategies that our competitors are using. Similarly, transparency is the main concern that Facebook ads will show all the ads which are currently running over the Facebook advertising network.
Where to find an ad library on Facebook?
Facebook ads library is a public resource that is accessed by clicking on the link –

How to create a new Facebook ad account

  • Creating a Facebook business manager account. 
  • Open Face business manager account at
  • Click on the setting button.
  • Click on the more business settings
  • Go to the ads account on the left
  • In the middle of the screen click Add button, three options will be shown there in the drop-down menu box
  • Fill in the required information including the name of the account, currency, and time zone.
  • Select the particular business you want to the ad account
  • Select the create option
  • Select the people & which authority you want to grant them.
  • Click on the Assign button
  • Click on the add payment method
  • Add the details of your card and hit the save button.

Congratulations, you have now started with a Facebook ad and launched your first ad.

Facebook ad types

Image Ads

Image Ads are the most used type of Facebook Ads. Similarly, this will help to promote single and specific products. According to the need, one can create a dedicated image to grab the interest of their customers by using proper headlines and descriptions.

Video Ads

Due to the use of their implementation, businesses are focusing on video ads. Similarly, they can play them in Facebook stories & news feeds.
Therefore, Facebook also counts for how much time a customer is watching your video, and by that, you can use that data while retargeting the audience.

Poll Ads

Poll ads are the mobile-specific Facebook format that allows the business to create two options for an image or any video and ask questions to your customers to create brand awareness between them.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are just like slideshow ads but these are more attractive & interactive. Therefore, with Carousel ads, you can add more than 10 images & videos in a single campaign. Similarly, each slide can carry unique links and images, so, one can explain each product in depth. This also facilitates the promotion of multiple products or explore the entire product line.

Collection Ads

Collection Ads help to blend five videos, slideshows, or images into a single package. Similarly, as this is an e-commerce-focused ad type their main focus is to convert Facebook users to online buyers. Therefore, collection ads also help provide the facility for the users to purchase the product directly from Facebook.

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads are also known as “video-like ads” in this multiple numbers of images & videos are advertised in a single medium. Similarly, this type of Facebook ad is more helpful for a marketer who wants low effort ads format to get higher results.

Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are not designed to advertise any product so, this is a unique form of ad on Facebook. Therefore, they advertise it for you whether your customers want to signup for your brochures and newsletter, or events. In simple words, this makes collecting leads easy.

Facebook ads for real estate

Facebook ads are a very effective way to generate leads cheaply & quickly for real estate. Similarly, a user spends an average of 34 minutes daily on Facebook so, that is enough time to show their Facebook ads to the right audience.

How to create a new Facebook page

To create a new page you must have a Facebook profile i.e mandatory. There are mainly two methods to create a Facebook page. Similarly, there are different ways to create a Facebook page on:-

  • Desktop
  • Mobile Phone

Creating a New Facebook page on the Desktop

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on Pages, shown on the left-hand side.
  • Select the create new page option
  • Enter the name and category of the page
  • Tap on the get started option
  • Select the next option
  • Click Update and use Page now, when you are ready

Creating a New Facebook page on Mobile Phone

  • Open Facebook
  • Click on the menu option
  • Scroll down the screen and select the pages option
  • Click on the + create option
  • Tap the get started button available at the bottom of the screen
  • Select up to 3 categories and click the next button.
  • Name your page and tap on next
  • Enter your website’s URL & tap next
  • Add your cover & profile photo
  • Tap the blue done button
  • Click on the next button & follow the on-screen instructions.

Anyone can create a Facebook page but only official personnel can create a page for their organization, brand, business, etc. Similarly, Facebook also limits how many pages you can create.

Why Facebook Ads?

  • Target the exact audience
  • Wide range of ad types
  • Also, advertise on Instagram
  • Offer the best ROAS for retailers 
  • Cost per click is cheaper than google ads
  • Lowest cost per lead
  • Start at any time with any budget
  • Largest audience access across the world

Why Choose GTB Infotech for advertising your business on Facebook?

Facebook ads are quite complicated if you want to go to highly detailed targeting. We are a digital marketing company in Jalandhar that provide the best possible services to our customers with the latest marketing strategies.
We start our process by collecting customers’ data by their behaviors, likes, and trends in the market.
As the best Facebook Advertising agency in Jalandhar, We have a special team of social media experts. Similarly, due to fix targeting audience, we make sure that your ads will will served only those audiences who are interested in your products.

How Our Facebook Marketing Ads services work

  • Targeting Facebook Ad Audience
  • Design the Facebook Ad
  • Copywriting the ad
  • A/B testing of Facebook Ads and landing page
  • Optimization and analysis of Facebook Ad

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