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Graphic Design Services in Jalandhar

We are providing website Banners, Logos and Layouts, with unique creative designs. Brochure Designing, Cover pages, Visiting cards, Pamphlets by giving shapes to creative ideas.

Graphic designing is an innovative technique of providing a creative solution to your problem with the help of images, symbols or even words. Website designers use beautiful logos and styling to create a visual impact on the client.

Graphic designing is implemented by using pragmatic tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign & Corel. Exquisite designs can be created for logos, brochures, visiting cards, pamphlets by using the above tools to create exclusive designs as per the client requirement.

Tools used in Graphic Design

1. Adobe Photoshop

It is a raster graphic editor used widely by web developers for graphic designing and digital art. It contains many features like color models, vector graphics, 3D graphics for creating elegant designs. It is a desktop publishing and typesetting software used to create exclusive designs for logos, brochures, ebooks etc.

2. Adobe Illustrator

It is a vector graphics editor with a wide variety of tools to create eye catching designs. Tools like a paintbrush (modify the appearance of artwork), pen tool (create straight and curved lines), pencil tool(draw and edit freehand lines).

logo design
3. Corel Draw

It is designed to create distinct two-dimensional images such as logos, brochures and banners. It allows easy manipulation of vector images by pushing, pulling, smearing, etc.

logo designing services

Our exclusive work:-

LetterHead Design of Dhira Productions

Beautiful and creative designs using musical notes to create a remarkable and unique design for your letterhead created by our website designer.

letterhead graphic design

Business Card - Dhira Production

Exclusive Business Card Design made by our company by using CorelDraw. Prominent red colour along with innovative graphical design and text colour combination is used by our designer to create a unique design.

business card design

Visiting Card Design of Apollo Truck

Exclusive visiting card design with impact, creative color combination is used by our graphic designer to create a one and only visiting card for your company.

visiting card design