Responsive Web Designing

Responsive Website

Almost every business needs a website that is accurate in mobile version also. The use of a mobile phone for surfing the web continues to grow tremendously. A responsive website is officially designed by Ethan Marcotte in A List Apart, with the motive to respond to the user’s needs and the devices they are using. 

For example, if a user is surfing a website on a mobile then the user will see a single page content, on the tablet they see the website content in two columns. 

A multitude of different screen sizes like- Tablets, Mobile phones, laptops, Desktops & even TVs also. Similarly, there is a large possibility of changes in the screen so, every business needs a website that is compatible with every screen resolution. In addition, every device has different features which we have to keep in mind. For example, many of your users may be using touchscreen devices. So, we have to be prepared for every aspect. Modern Responsive web designing considers all these things for the optimization of the experience of everyone. Responsive CSS is used for making a website.

What is Responsive Web Designing?

A responsive Website Designing includes a mix of flexible layouts, grids, and intelligently use of CSS with media queries and Images. Similarly, if the user switches from their iPad to a laptop the website should automatically switch according to the resolution, scripting abilities & image size. Sometimes, the developer has to also keep in their mind the settings in the user’s devices like if the user has VPN for IOS. For example, the website should have the technology to automatically respond according to user preferences. Similarly, this will help to eliminate the need for different designs and development phases for different gadgets in the market.

Are WordPress Designs Responsive?

WordPress Websites are responsive or not? depends upon the theme you have chosen for making the website. If you choose the default WordPress theme just like the twenty-twenty theme, the design will be responsive but it’s a single-column design. Similarly, you might not realize this while looking at it on different screens.
Similarly, if you are using another WordPress theme, you can also test whether the theme is responsive or not by comparing how it looks on different devices using the chrome developer tools.

Adjusting screen resolution

As there are a huge variety of Screen types and resolutions in the market. New devices with new screen resolutions are developing every day. Some of them are in Landscape, some are in portrait and some are in simple square form. As we all know that presently users are most likely shifting to iPhones, iPad, and advanced smartphones & many devices are switching from portrait to landscape at the user’s whim. So, how it’s possible to design in this situation?
In addition for designing a website in landscape and portrait mode, we have to consider hundreds of screen sizes. Similarly, this is possible to group them into major categories, making each design flexible as necessary.


Whether you have a small size business or a multi-national company a website is very essential for the success of your business. Similarly, as a webmaster, we make hundreds of websites & know what it takes to make a great & engaging website for the business. If you are looking for making a new website or want to make changes to your current website to make that more effective, then here are some key points-

Choose a good domain name

A domain name is also known as the address of your website, which is often the entry point to your website. Similarly, it is very important for usability purposes as well as for search engine optimization (SEO).

Here are some tips for choosing the optimal domain name for your website – 

  1. Easy to spell
  2. Keep that short as possible
  3. Use of proper domain extension
  4. Less use of hyphens
  5. Make the address broad to facilitate future growth
  6. Make sure that it is memorable
  7. Research the domain name
  8. Ensure the right price for the domain
  9. Create an SEO-friendly URL
  • Purchase secure, scalable web hosting with the best good tech support
  • Displays a clear description of your website
  • Implementing best content 
  • Choosing a right e-commerce platform
  • Creating a usable and memorable user interface
  • Optimize your website for search engines
  • Regularly create and update useful content
  • Install webmaster tools
  • Implementation of best website maintenance plans

Website Components

There are mainly 8 components of any Responsive Web Designing. Similarly, these components allow the website to grow and scale up efficiently. Together these components form the backbone of any website. So, let’s talk about the 8 main components of a website –

Component of Website


The layout of any website indicates the website’s hierarchy. This is the part where you decide which page is the landing page and which you can easily access from there. Similarly, you might know the term sitemap, & it just functions like a normal map. As well as also shows your website’s progress from shallow pages to blog pages.


The term content means what your user reads on your website. It includes text, images, videos, downloadable things, etc. Therefore, for any website, it becomes very important to provide appealing content to the users which answers each & every question.

Call to Action

One of the most usable contents of any website is Call to Action. Similarly, a good call to action gives the user a great go-through funnel from where they are and gives some incentives to do so.


Some business needs a dedicated part in their website where they can provide some additional knowledge to the user. That section is called blogs post. Blogs pages must be in different forms like – tutorial videos, FAQ pages, New updates, or posts using text and pictures.


The design of any website refers to the organization of the content and graphics on your page. Similarly, a design refers to how a user feels by viewing your web page. The color chosen, images, the font used & some similar aspects all make up the design aspect of the website.


A function in your website is that by which the user interacts with you like – buttons or boxes for inputting information or downloading files. Your website has multiple functionalities by which the user interacts like your user wants o navigate through the pages, enter their information and make purchases, this is also counted as a function of your website.

Site Search

This is not counted as a very important component of the website but if you want to add more & more information continuously then it becomes necessary. With the comprehensive site search option, the user can easily find what exactly they are looking for. Similarly, a good Responsive Web Designing site includes a search box that includes simple & natural language processors so that customers can ask questions easily about what they want and get relevant results.


Reviews are the most essential part of any website for advertising purposes as well as for getting your customer’s feedback after using your product and services. Therefore, you just need a small and qualitative form for the user to fill in the feedback regarding the services.


While the programming languages and methodologies changing fastly over the year, the major component of the website remains the same. To become a master in any work, much time and effort are required.
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