Cyber Security

Cyber Security What is it?

Cyber Security is a technique for protecting systems connected to the internet like – computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, etc. For a better understanding, we can divide this into two parts First is refers to technologies & security refers to protection. So, this helps to protect our systems from unauthorized access. Therefore, Cyber Security is also known as an information technology system or electronic information security.

The definition of Cybersecurity are:-

“Cyber Security is the principles and practices designed to protect our computing resources and online information against threats.”

Types of CyberSecurity

Every organization has a combination of various technologies for day-to-day work. So, this covers several parts. We can divide that into some parts which are explained as follows:-

Network Security 

80% of attacker attack through the networks. Similarly, this includes implementing hardware and software to prevent a computer network from unauthorized access.

Cloud Security

As modern businesses are adopting modern cloud computing so, securing the cloud is become the major priority nowadays. Similarly, this includes cyber security solutions, policies, controls & services that help the organization protect itself against attack. Organizations generally need cloud security to incorporate with their cloud-based tools and services which is part of their infrastructure. Similarly, this uses various cloud service providers like – Google, Azure, AWS, etc.

Application Security

The term application security involves protecting software and devices from unwanted threats. Similarly, this protection happens by updating the software to secure it from attacks.

Data Security 

In the storage and transit of data, the implementation of a data storage mechanism is used to maintain integrity.

Mobile Security

Mobile devices such as Tablets & Smart Phones involve various organizational & personal data. Similarly, this will help to secure Mobile phones & tablets from outside attacks.

Information Security

This protects the integrity as well as privacy of data, both of which are stored or in transit. Similarly, a threat to Cyber Security is a challenging task for an individual or an organization to steal or corrupt data and gain access to the data.

Cyber Security Threats

  • A threat to Cyber Security is keeping up with the latest technologies, security trends are a little bit difficult thing. There are some trending threats by the cyber community is defines as follows:-
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Social Engineering
  • Distributed Denial of Services
  • Brute Force
  • SQL Injection
  • Domain Name System Attack

Why Cyber Security is Important?

  1. Data & Network both are protected
  2. Data breach and cyberattack protection for the organization
  3. Restrict unauthorized user access
  4. Faster recovery point after a breach
  5. End-user device protection
  6. Operations continuity
  7. Increases Partners, developers, stakeholders, developers, and workers’ faith in the company’s faith.


With the above discussion, we got to know about the most problematic elements & the evolving nature of security risks. Similarly, there is no possibility of a decrement in Cyber Security shortly.
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